A job vacancy for an Executive Housekeeper or Director of Housekeeping can lead to a breakdown in execution of, many times, the largest impact department in a hotel.



PDQ offers the Interim DOH Program:


The ID Program provides the hotel with steady hand to manage the day-to-day operation of your housekeeping department. Including:


  • Opening of the house: Distribution of the room assignments to room attendants following hotel standard operating procedures.
  • Scheduling: Following property productivity guidelines, schedule the housekeeping staff as necessary.
  • Quality Control through Room Inspection: Guide supervisors or inspectors on their daily work to complete inspections following hotel guidelines.
  • Guest Room Cleaning Process: Ensure housekeeping employees follow property’s established cleaning practices.
  • Linen Inventory & Distribution: Review par-levels of linen and make recommendations for fair distribution between room attendants.
  • Public Area Evaluation: Evaluate all public areas for cleanliness following hotel standards.
  • Productivity Goals: Review productivity goals and work towards the achievement of target goals.
  • Training: Provide training tips as necessary to achieve consistent quality, desired productivity from employees.




It truly was a please to work with PDQ and Hector. Our team has been

re-energized around the process of cleaning a room in a manner that’s more efficient and safer.  It’s great to see this passion return and I can’t wait to see

the result once we have fully executed the process.

Thank you again!



General Manager

Chicago, IL






Just wanted to update you since our visit and implementation of PDQ just a few weeks back. MTD we have been running about a .38 productivity and we finished February at a .44! This is a major improvement from our January results which were over .57.


I can’t thank you enough for taking the time with me for those few days to fully explain the process! I think our team is beginning to understand that this process, when done correctly, works well and benefits them in the long run! Your recommendations have certainly helped improve overall operations and we fully intend on carrying out these numbers throughout the year.


Let’s keep in touch and I will certainly reach out if I need anything!


Thank you,











From an AGM:

“I would just like to let you know how awesome Manny is.  I was able to sit in for half the day today and I learned so much from just that short period.  I know that everyone else that attended really learned a lot too. He has a way of breaking down the info so that it makes sense. He is patient and answers all questions and he knows how to relate the information in a fun and interact way.  I have been to many many training programs but I feel like I am taking the most home from this one. If there are other trainers within the PDQ system, I definitely recommend that we use Manny as much as we can!  (Not that they aren't great too, I just think he is top notch!)”


From an award winning Island GM who has been with Island for over 10 years:

“This is the best class that I have had over the years.  This is well worth the time away. Learning things that I have never known prior to today which I think just came from how past trainings were done or maybe not done.”


Director of Talent Development

Island Hospitality Management