To provide professional and proven laundry processes to the hotel industry where efficient and effective methods are needed. Laundry is one of the most expensive departments to operate at a hotel, because it:

• Requires a large capital investment in equipment.

• Requires large capital investment in linen inventory.

• Requires expensive labor to operate.

• Affects productivity greatly, in one of the largest payroll department at the hotel: Housekeeping


Can you afford to operate at less than 100% efficiency?

• In the last 7 years, the industry has been busy recuperating guest loyalty, increasing REVPAR and up

  keeping brand quality but has lost its edge in talent and efficiency of the laundry operation.

• Some companies have opted to outsource laundry services to eliminate the frustration of controlling

   their laundry cost; just to find out that it is exorbitant and the properties have less control.



To provide a complete overview of your laundry operation and give recommendations that can yield results in the following areas:

Reduce laundry cost, par level maintenance and reduce linen replacement

factor by:

• Reviewing linen program.

• Review chemical program and formulas.

• Inventory procedures and ordering patterns.

• Check par levels.

• Equipment capabilities.

• Laundry procedures.

• Linen selection (blends, size and weight)

• Employee productivity. Review skill and efficiency practices.

• Training of Employees in equipment operation and finishing product


Review Areas

• Reduce cost and increase linen cleanliness by reviewing chemical program and evaluate the

  wash formulas.

• Reduce cost and extend equipment life by reviewing equipment specifications, maintenance program

   and analyze the ROI.

• Reduce cost and increase productivity by reviewing employees skills and efficient practices